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Knight Templar Assault Mech Set - Available to buy now!

A new great tutorial from Glenn for 3d-palace exclusively and available here and on our youtube channel!  At last we have Houdini content!

Welcome!   Welcome to the new 3d-palace.com!  We are SO pleased to have you here and I want to quickly point out just a couple of things that have changed since you might have last visited!

  • NO registration.  This means that if you want a free tutorial - just go and watch it.  I honestly encourage you to!  The easier the place is for you to use, the more you will want to use it we are sure!  Just learn!
  • FORUM is gone.  No one used it, don't delude yourself!  Instead why not check out the IRC instead - you can access it via the site, and it even works on most mobile devices (except iOS probably).
  • SIMPLE to use.  Comments - make an account or register via facebook.  Every page is like a forum which means that you can easily chat with other users VERY easily as well as giving us feedback.
  • MORE is coming.  Which is awesome.  I cannot tell you what is coming yet as I haven't decided however it will be something awesome I promise.  The more is not forums - I cannot see the point.
  • SHOP is linked in and good to go.  If you used the old shop, this is the same one.
  • COURSES are gone at last.  Who wants to spend 15 minutes clicking things to get a tutorial.  I don't so why should you?  Move your finger up there to where it says "Free Video Tutorials" and a handy dandy drop down will appear.  You can watch those.  Now.  More are coming (its Oct 11 as this is written).

Well that's a lot to take in isn't it?  Basically everything is new and there is no more Wordpress.  That means the site will be nice and fast and should be a lot more fun for you to use! No more course signups (ugh).  


We are looking for anyone interested in writing articles, editorials and reviews.  May as well get this place jumping a bit I think.  If you think that is you hit up IRC or email us on cris@3d-palace.com and I will be more than happy to chat to you.

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