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What we do?

We TEACH!  More to the point we teach YOU!  Even better, we teach you well – so well in fact that many of our students go on to take up 3d as a career while even more continue to pursue it as an artistic hobby that gives them huge amounts of pleasure.

Our training sets are downloadable full video and audio masterpieces that show you everything – not a powerpoint slideshow, not a heavily edited timelapse of parts but the entire process of creating the subject of the set.  And our sets are good for all levels because our tutors know that you want to have everything explained and see everything – even mistakes!  (occasionally)

What we love?

We love happy students.  We want you to be happy and learn and so not only do we offer what we think are some of the best tutorials available on the internet but we also back them up with continual support, assistance, forums, an active facebook group AND you are safe in the knowledge that we are always here to help you.

Why we do it?

Because honestly we are REALLY REALLY good at it.  3d-Palace has been doing this a long long time.  Longer than almost every other teaching website out there and yes… we have had problems where funding meant the site had to cut back for a while however we are back and stronger than ever now with a massive library of training that we know you will love!

What if I have no money?

Don’t worry.  Good education should be available to all, so we have a LOT of modules and courses that are offered that can get you learning right away.  We all know its not easy, especially if you are low on money so we want you to get skills right now.  Later on you can thank us when you have all the skills and an epic job! 😉

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