Original DDO now free (Licence holders get free upgrade to V2)

Quixel have recently announced the following bit of news:

Free upgrades for NDO and DDO users

The re imagined DDO and NDO will be completely free to all of you who already own a copy of the previous edition; studios, schools and individuals alike.

Free PBR previewer

We know PBR is still a new concept to many, and we want to make it as easy as possible to get going with a quick PBR workflow right away. Hence we have decided to release our new previewing technology 3DO for free to the industry.

Free release of the previous dDo

Yes, we are now making dDo as we know it free. Not only that but we have also spent some love and care on improving features, stability and UI. This version will have limited support but will still be updated as per your needs.

We sincerely hope that you who own dDo will not feel let down that you paid for something that will now be free, but rest assured we will do our best to make it up to you with a free upgrade to the all new, arguably more bad-ass, DDO.

You just have to love Quixel for this business decision and can get more info HERE.

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