Some nice new tutorials are about to hit 3d-palace

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Some nice new tutorials are about to hit 3d-palace

Postby olblue » Thu Sep 07, 2017 1:02 pm

My workflow now is completely different to what it was several years ago - a lot of my focus is on being a VR / Unreal Engine using guru and to that end I tend to stream a lot and then use parts of the stream as tutorials.

The current set that is nearly ready is basically a simple three part set that shows the process of setting up corridors in a level I have which I then light (static as its VR) and set up the set dressing for to make it look nice.

A lot of the basics of Unreal Engine are making your things look nice - to be honest that is kind of the cornerstone of 3d anyway - I will do some simple starting guides to Unreal Engine as well to cover moving scaling and so on however at the moment I gotta work.

FYI there is a max set in development that is high poly traditional 3d-palace and I will be posting up work from it I would imagine on monday hopefully. I will be streaming and recording most of that day. Anyway please check the Unreal Engine tutorial section in a few and it should be there.
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