Suprise! We’re back. Wee.

We're back! And we brought scary clowns to help!

I thought I would turn on 3d-palace again this afternoon to give it a nice gentle re-start.  If some of the tutorials you like are missing it’s because they are not there.  I know that sounds twee however I need to really focus on getting the good material onto the site and so starting as I mean to go on is a good plan.

The shop has things in it – they are classed as “courses” however its the same material, just presented a bit better really.  There’s a blog, there’s a forum, there’s tutorials.  If there is anything missing that you REALLY need, then let me know.  The contact system works so that is a help.

I am NOT going to bring back the old forums or the old accounts.  Sponsor Membership will be active again as of this evening – old sponsor members wanting to get in on the action at the old price, just hit the contact me button.

Finally we will be doing Modo tutorials soon.  How soon I cannot really be sure of however it is soon.  Also more gamedev tutorials because its fun and you need to know how to do fun things.

Settle in, register and we will see you on the site or on the facebook page.  Its nice to be back and thanks once again to Felipe who has helped so much.

Now – post pictures of scary clowns.


May 23, 2015

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