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3D-Palace Free Tutorial Sets

These 3ds Max, Unreal Engine, Photoshop, Quixel and other software tutorials are all free for you to use whenever you want to without even having to register on the site. Please do enjoy them and remember you can become a patreon at www.patreon.com/3dpalace

Vray Displacement of a Window

This tutorial will show you how to make a detailed displacement for building a window using Vray and 3ds Max. A set by Olblue

The Warhammer 40k Venerable Dreadnought

In this tutorial you will learn how to make a complete Venerable Warhammer 40,000 Dreadnought. This tutorial requires that you have made the original Warhammer 40k Dreadnought that you will then be working from. A set by Olblue.

The Underground Compound – Level Building Project in UE4

Want to learn how to create a complex level in UE4 using free assets available via the marketplace? This is your first stop! Demonstrating using lighting, asset placement and also scripting via blueprints as well, you can learn some useful starting tools! A set by Olblue.

The Mystery Skulls Lewis Truck

A tutorial for 3ds Max by Olblue. This is a great tutorial for an introduction to using 3ds Max and at the same time learning some basics about asset importing into Unreal Engine at the end of it. Join in and learn some great tips!

The Minigun Tutorial – a High Detail Weapon Making Set

The minigun was the first tutorial that 3d-palace made that achieved real popularity in 2001. Now a new set exists, modernised and way more details that will show you how to create a really detailed General Electric GM Minigun. Enjoy! A set by Olblue.

The Chaos Scorpion Set

This tutorial is a great set if you want to learn about multilegged mechanical pieces. You will learn how to create an eight legged mechanical chaos creature that is rigged and animated too! Take your hard surface skills up to the next level! A set by Olblue.

The Bunker – a Blender Gamedev Tutorial

This is a tutorial in using the Blender tools in order to create a game level. A lot of people are unaware that Blender can be used to create game levels however you can do it pretty easily – so follow along! A tutorial by GManX for 3d-palace

The Arvus Lighter Cargo Shuttle

This tutorial from 3d-palace will show you how to create an entire spaceship using 3ds Max and no additional tools. The tutorial shows how to make an Arvus Lighter, a small cargo shuttle commonly used to transfer supplies and small personnel units ship-to-ship or from fleet positions to planetary installations. While unarmed, the Arvus is […]

Terragen and the World Machine

This tutorial will show you how to use Terragen and also how to use World Machine in order to create really detailed and awesome terrains. A set by Clam for 3d-palace.

Star Wars Tie Fighter in 3ds Max

We know that you all love Star Wars spaceships, and what is better than a Tie Bomber (Advanced version!). In this tutorial set you will learn everything you need to know to build this iconic spaceship! A set by Olblue.

Medium Large ep2 – Create a simple robot in under 30 minutes.

Heyo folks. Olblue here with Medium to Large – in this episode, its time to get our knees wet and make a full on, low detail robot concept from scratch. This is just getting our doodling and creative muscles working as we use various simple forms to create a working shape for our mech. In […]

Making a District 9 Style Weapon

This tutorial for 3ds Max will show you how to create a scifi weapon based on the film District 9. A great introduction to complex weapon making! A tutorial by Olblue.

Lighting and Decorating Levels in Unreal Engine 4

This is a great tutorial that will introduce you to building lighting for levels in UE4 and decorating your sets. A tutorial by Olblue.

Game Asset Development

Creating a computer kiosk unit in 3ds Max and importing it into UE4. This five part tutorial will get you going on learning how to make assets for using in Unreal Engine 4. A tutorial set by Olblue.

Creating Modular Buildings in 3ds Max

This great tutorial will teach you how to create modular buildings in 3ds Max. Using this set you can create easily reusable sets usable in scifi scenes and classical medieval scenes (warhammer 40k sets go both ways!). A set by Olblue.

Creating Doors and Portals

This is a great tutorial to show you how to create interesting doors and portals in 3ds Max. Give it a go and learn some useful techniques right away! Suitable for use in Archviz and many other discplines! A set by Olblue.

Creating an Animated Android Wallpaper using Unreal Engine

This is a great practical application of using Unreal Engine 4. You can create an animated wallpaper quickly and easily, just follow along! A tutorial by Olblue

Creating a Sci-Fi Modular Habitation and Transport Unit

This tutorial will show you how to create an entire modular habitation and transportation unit in 3ds Max. This includes creating hand made textures and unwrapping. A set by Olblue and Greg Pennick

Concept Car Building – Advanced Automotive Modelling

(No Audio) This is an end to end set showing how to make a concept car. The tutorial is very detailed but sadly has no audio. Enjoy and please feel free to apply the methods to your own workflow. A set made for 3d-palace

Car Modeling – the Jaguar XJ220

This tutorial will show you how to create a Jaguar XJ220 from start to finish. This is a great set if you are wanting to learn how to use Maya and covers a lot of essential 3ds Max techniques. A set by BB for 3d-palace

Cannons, Spaceships, and UE4 for Beginners

This is a masterclass set of eleven linked tutorials showing you how to create a low polygon space cannon, set up some simple levels and how to bring everything all together. A very easy lesson set and something that you will really benefit from. A set by Olblue.

Building a Strongbox

This tutorial shows you how to make a strongbox in 3ds Max and texture it using Quixel. A tutorial by Olblue

Building a Large Science Fiction Dock in 3ds Max

This is a great set for anyone starting out with 3ds Max who wants to build a big scifi project. This will easily break it all down into little segments that you can use and repeat over and over to create a really detailed scene. Give it a try and you will not be dissapointed! […]

Building a Gun Turret in 3ds Max

This tutorial will show you how to create and animate a gun turret in 3ds Max. Simple yet effective techniques will make this really pop for you. A set by Olblue.

Building a Futuristic Cannon Weapon in 3ds Max

This is a great tutorial if you want to learn some hard surface weapon making skills. End to end you will learn techniques to makea science fiction large cannon with battery loader. Enjoy! And please remember to show us your work! A set by Olblue.

Automotive Car Modelling – The Lotus Elise

(No audio) this tutorial shows the entire process of creating the famous Lotus Elise car from end to end. Enjoy! A set made for 3d-palace.

Architectural Visualisation Inside an Apartment

This is a tutorial set that will show you how to make and render the inside of an apartment. This is a massively useful set that can be used nowadays in real time AAA game engines to present to clients your work as well as in more traditional rendering techniques. A set by Kris Lee […]

Architectural Visualisation in 3ds Max for Beginners – External Apartment

This is a tutorial for anyone wanting to have a try at doing some external visualisation and on learning some cool techniques for presenting your buildings. Give it a try and enjoy! A set by Olblue

Advanced Mechanical Joints for Hard Surface Artists

If you want to really raise your skills and make truly realistic hard surface models then you need to understand and use proper procedurally animated joints in 3ds Max. This set will show you the technique quickly and effectively using a series of lessons originally created as a teaching aid for Animex. A set by […]

Advanced Car Modelling – The Audi A3

This is the best set on the internet for anyone wanting to learn precise and effective car modelling for 3ds Max – and at the same time use those same methods to have a game ready asset you can use in any modern AAA game engine. A set made for 3d-palace.

3ds Max 2020 Essential Tips and Mini Tutorials Set

Do you need to know how some of the new features in 3ds Max or in Arnold Renderer works? Not a lot of documentation is there? UNTIL NOW! In here you will find tutorials for; A guide to Triplanar Mapping Weathering Projection Mapping The all new Chamfer Tool As usual they are free, they are […]