The MSE-6 Star Wars Droid

MSE-6 - Building a Star Wars Droid with Blue and Leebles at 3d-palace!

Cris robson ren1

Door is closed.

Cris robson ren2

Door is OPEN!

Cris robson wip1

Mesh view of the droid - chamfered in new max tool you can see I forgot to select by edge angle arg.

Cris robson wip2

The wheels. A tip is to remember to bulge out from the middle slightly and for realism then flatten at the bottom. I did not flatten at the bottom however I was in a hurry - also it makes animation a pain.

Cris robson wip3

I had no idea what these were so I used a boolean operation and made them into little phillips head things. The boolean only required 10 minutes of cleanup. Go team.

Cris robson wip4

Lots of buttons or something - I always assumed it was like a Big Trak of the 1970s. You pressed in the buttons to make it do stuff.

Cris robson wip5

This was a piece I did for my Sunday streaming based on the original 1977 MSE-6. The star on its side was added as I was trying to demonstrate how to add decals using camera mapping in Arnold to the people watching the stream. it was created from scratch in about 90 minutes (just under) while fielding questions and my stream was moderated by the ever helpful Leebles.