3d-Palace Sex, Drugs and Hard Surface Robots

Sponsor Members and Patreon Heroes

Are You a PATREON HERO? (Formerly known as Sponsor Members).

Patreon Heroes have access to a range of our tutorials. Loads of them in fact. LOADS AND LOADS AND LOADS OF THEM. 

  1. Being a patreon patron means YOU are supporting keeping 3d-palace running. Your money every month means that Olblue is able to pay for his urgent medication (gin) and that Leebles is able to pay for nerf bullets. On a serious note the money means we can pay for the ever increasing cost of hosting, software upgrades, keeping on top of new software releases and purchase of new hardware.
  2. You get access to ALL the legacy training sets
  3. And access to ALL new sets
  4. And access to abondoned sets
  5. And access to sets that are incomplete
  6. And access to sets that are being made

Thats pretty good to be fair.