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ArchViz 3 - Materials, Lighting and Rendering

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This is a downloadable set. Following on from tutorial sets 1 and 2, this set of video lessons explains and demonstrates how you apply materials to your scene and then how you set it up to render out your visualisations of the apartment.

Using the apartment that was created from previous tutorials or even if you have your own apartment ready then you may be trying to work out how to set up lighting, set up materials and how to get your apartment looking “real”.

When you present a project to a client they want to see something that will look like the end built project, so this set goes into a great deal of detail in showing you how to set up your apartment so that you can get beautiful renders that a client would approve of.

You will learn essential skills in placing lighting in the scene so that you get soft lighting in the correct areas and highlights and contrasts where they are needed as well as how to use the materials to their best effect to bring focus to your rooms.

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