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ED209 Classic Robocop Mech

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ED209 - the huge bipedal mech walker from the classic movie Robocop. This mech is a true classic of the genre, designed by GM Automotive Concept Car Designers in the early 1980s, this piece brings together design elements from the classic muscle cars of the era, coupled with the Blade Runner style sci-fi made popular at that time.

In this video tutorial set by Cris Robson of 3d-palace.com, you will learn how to make this epic, high detail walker. You will make it in low detail, then in very high detail. This means that you can projection map the detail in 3ds Max which will assist you in making normal maps for use in game systems.

The rigging for this epic mech will really put your skills to the test, having both FK and IK, due to its sliding rear leg joint. You will also learn how to make looped animations for your mech and even how to put it into a video game engine.

So if you want nearly 40 hours of learning, all with full video and audio, all showing you everything you need to know so that you can build this amazing mech and really challenge yourself to make even more and even more complex pieces, this is the one for you!

If you want to really learn some exceptional skills then you should come learn from the best. Cris Robson at 3d-palace has been teaching expert level hard surface for over 15 years.

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