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Serenity, a Firefly Class Spaceship

SKU 00001

In the Serenity set, you will learn how to build every single part of the ship. The Serenity is actually a very complex ship, combining animated tail, rotating thrusters, undocking legs and a mobile front bay as well as twin shuttles housed on each side.

During the tutorial I will show you how to create the entire model from end to end, including all moving parts. In addition you will be shown how to make a takeoff animation, how to keyframe engine movement and how to bring your scene together, even covering a small bonus section on making some buildings to surround your model.

Approved by the artists that worked on the actual film Serenity, this detailed model will really raise your ship modelling skills, teaching you how to make a non standard shape spaceship and really how to enjoy hard surface on this excellent and very detailed set!