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Ships - The Cutty Sark Clipper Ship

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This is a set designed for artists looking to become experts in maritime modelling. This very specific and also very accuracy based modelling discipline is something that takes a long time to learn properly, however with this tutorial set you will get everything you need to start making ships suitable for TV, games and for effects shots.

From using splines for creating the decking, studying the original deck and hull plans for the Scottish clipper ship the Cutty Sark, through to building the deck houses and batons for ropes, there is a lot of precise modelling that needs to be learned and put into effect and is shown in exact detail in this set.

Rigging is something most sets do not teach - rope rigging that is. My own grandfaster was a master rope rigger and this set was made after spending months studying notes, looking at rigging plans and studying the actual Cutty Sark so that the deck ropes are configured correctly for viewing.

The sails billow in the breeze - that is because cloth simulations are ran on the sails to make them look realistic no matter what the level of wind you need in your scene is and it can be adjusted for game cloth as well. In addition a small bonus on making a figurehead is included as no ship should be launched without one.

This is the best tutorial on the internet, made by an expert hard surface tutor and also constructed lovingly with the help of various ship building online communities and sparing no expense in using maritime plans for the keel and deck housing. This is why the British Metropolitan Police Force used this set and its accompanying models for a forensic reconstruction of the fire that damaged the real Cutty Sark so badly.

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