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The Crux Assault Mech

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Creating a convincing looking mechanical model is not as easy as it can first appear. Our world is full of mechanical things that are carefully and practically designed and this set takes you through that careful design process to show how a complicated mechanical walker robot is built effectively.

Moving on from sets like our own APU set that will get you started in building mechanical walkers, this set’s much more complex design relies on massive amounts of moving parts, carefully synchronised so that parts to not get in each others way and so that they compliment each other in look and functionality.

You will learn the important skills of composition of a mechanical piece and learn essential skills needed mid build to make important decisions that will result in you developing a new confidence as a 3d artist. In addition to this you will also learn the fundemental skills of mechanical rigging and also of animation so that your mech walker can come alive.

Few things as a 3d artist feel as good as seeing what you have created come to life, and with all of the pistons moving in time this is a beauty of a model that you will be proud to make. As well as normal hard surface disciplines, this set also covers cloth dynamics for the banners on the back, giving you some important extra skills.

This set also includes a short bonus feature on building a pilot for your scene, although you can use any human size character you like inside it as the pilot.

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